How Does A3 Vibration Compare To PowerPlate?

With several Whole Body Vibration units on the market, it can be difficult to choose. We've taken the time to compare the A3 model to the PowerPlate. Here are the main differences we found:

1. The A3 models are all steel construction and not fiberglass as the PowerPlate models- this eliminates the potential problem with cracking of the housings. It also contributes to a crisper, cleaner vibration with less collateral motion, with distracts from the real purpose of Whole Body Vibration.

2. The A3 surface plate that you stand on is a steel spring suspension rather that then rubber suspension as in the PowerPlate. Also results in cleaner and crisper vibration, resulting in better rehabilitation outcomes.

 3. The A3 Vibration platform size is between the PowerPlate Pro seven and the Pro five size. For many offices Pro 7 is too large of a footprint. The Pro 5 is a rather small model, not big enough or stable enough to accommodate most patients.

4. And this may be together with all of the above the strongest argument:  the A3 price point is significantly better for the better quality product!

Too Busy to Workout? Whole Body Vibration has that Solved.


Most people already know that they should be working out.

But for many, the task is simply overwhelming. Their lives are already too busy.

Research on cardiovascular exercise has shown that short bursts exercise routines effectively improves our heart health. When exercising on the WBV unit in the advanced settings, many users experience an increased heart rate and they start perspiring quickly.

How & Why It Works

Vibration training is low impact and gentle, yet unbelievably effective. Anyone, regardless of their age or fitness levels, can now benefit from exercising without straining their joints or other tissues.

By standing on the unit you will notice how your body automatically adjusts to the vibrations. This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex which (vibratory reflex), depending on the selected frequency, results in muscles gently contracting 20 to 60 times per second. Utilizing the body's innate reflexive response to disruptions in stability, WBV stimulates and enhances muscle strength and performance. Different parts of the body are put in line with the vibrations.

The user then assumes various exercise positions and varying intensities, ranging from squats, lunges and push-ups to abdominal crunches, triceps dips or biceps curls. Poses are typically held for just 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time. During that time frame, multiple muscle groups are activated simultaneously to stretch, tone, and strengthen the target tissues.

Why Use It?

The benefits of vibration training with WBV are considerable, and therefore its use is accepted by major medical, rehabilitation, and therapeutic centers across the country. It can enhance an individual's general well being and quality of life regardless of age, medical, neurological, or physical condition.

Inertia and Direction of Vibration: Most of the research on stimulation of tissues was done about 20 years ago. At that time many research project focused on the bone-growth for Osteoporosis. Much of this research was done by utilizing very low amplitude/high frequency vibration on oscillating type of vibration. Even at settings of 1-2 mm amplitude of platform movement, the beneficial results on bone stimulation due to the inertia generated were noted. Of great importance is also the direction of the vibration. Putting tissues directly into the direction of the vibration seems to make the most sense for an exercise purpose, according to Wolff’s Law. Our recommended exercise protocols make use of this important physiologic fact. As you notice, all exercises we propose are aligned with the direction of vibration generated by WBV units.

Postural vs. Phasic Muscles

Vladamir Janda discovered that muscles can be categorized as either postural, phasic, or a mixture of the two. Postural muscles act predominantly to sustain your posture in the gravity field. These muscles contain mostly slow-twitch muscle fibers and have a greater capacity for sustained work. They are prone to hyperactivity. Phasic muscles contain mostly fast-twitch muscle fibers, and are therefore more suited to movement. They are prone to inhibition. They are also more easily fatigable. Postural muscles tend to shorten in response to over-use, under-use or trauma, whereas phasic muscles tend to lengthen and weaken in response to these types of stimuli. These effects can lead to musculo-skeletal imbalance and joint instability when postural and phasic muscles are located on opposing sides of the agonist-antagonist relationship. These relationships are the key to understanding common patterns of postural imbalance such as the upper-crossed and lower-crossed syndromes.

Why Whole Body Vibration is Important for The Baby Boomer Generation

Never before have so many people reached the age that people are reaching today! Society is experiencing a big shift in demographic - The Baby Boomer generation is arriving at retirement age. They are living longer than ever and they want to be active.

Modern healthcare has made it possible for many of us to live longer lives. Which in itself is great, but only as long as we are also living active and pain free. We've all heard stories about someone who has lived the last 20 years of his or her life in a near vegetative state in a retirement home, barely able to move.

Statistically, the largest number of cases that end up in an assisted living facility or retirement home end up there because of loss of mobility and strength. Being unable to walk, lift, bend, or reach becomes such a handicap that the person cannot take care of themselves anymore. They need someone else to help them with their Activities of Daily Living - cooking, cleaning, showering, etc. Needing such assistance is by and large avoidable by simply doing some exercise throughout life.

Working on the 3 components of mobility - namely flexibility, strength, and balance - people can have productive, enjoyable, and long lives.

Many Baby Boomers have been spending most of their lives raising kids, working, and creating wealth for retirement. Many did not have a lot of time to exercise and stay in shape. Hence, many members of this demographic are now overweight and under-exercised. It is not surprising that many of them experience significant entry barriers when trying to get moving again.

With the arrival of Whole Body Vibration technology, it has become significantly easier to stay in shape. Now you can stay healthy and fit in less time than ever before.

In order to help our customers and clients keeping fit, we have developed several workout protocols for each of these aspects of mobility.

Dr. Christian Reichardt has been involved in Sports Medicine and rehabilitation for 32 years and has worked with many world class athletes. He has poured over research on exercise and has put together a workout regimen using the A3 Vibration exercise protocols based on those findings.

A3 Vibration Plates are easy to use, effective, and most of all, safe. Even an initial 10-minute protocol on the vibration plate in the “Beginner” mode can be challenging for most elderly users. Yet patients typically can progress within a couple of weeks to the next level. Then, they can increase their workout time and intensity at their own pace.

Here is a list of the physiologic reasons for maintaining the flexibility and strength of tissues. This is by no means a complete list, but it demonstrates very well the importance of keeping tissues active:

EXERCISE IMPROVES FLOW OF OXYGEN AND INTAKE OF ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: It allows the muscles to work properly. Muscles that are not pliable tend to have reduced circulation, which can result in lack of oxygen and therefore a lack of nutrients. This in turn provides better circulation throughout the whole body.

WBV REDUCES TENSION IN MUSCLES AND HELPS MUSCLES RELAX: Many studies have shown that increased flexibility can greatly reduce aches throughout the body, an issue that is on the rise with today's sedentary lifestyles.

IT HELPS REDUCE AND MANAGE STRESS: This causes a significant reduction in the "tension" in your body. You body will feel less stressed, which is essential since stress is a leading contributor to chronic diseases.

IT HELPS TO ELIMINATE PAIN FROM STRESS ON MUSCLES: Exercise loosens muscles, reducing the shortening and tightening effect from working your muscles and the associated aches and pains from it.

IT IMPROVES YOUR POSTURE: Exercising your lower back, shoulders, and chest properly helps to align your back and improve your posture - which helps to take the strain and excessive workload of the spine, particularly the neck.

IT SLOWS THE DEGENERATION OF YOUR JOINTS: Working out helps to increase your range of motion and can slow the degeneration of joints.

IT HELPS TO ELIMINATE OR AVOID LOW BACK PAIN: Flexibility in the hips, hamstrings, and pelvic muscles helps to remove stress from your spine - a major contributor to back pain.

IT IMPROVES CLARITY AND FOCUS: For many of the reasons noted above, such as improved blood circulation, improved oxygen circulation, and reduced body tension, you will experience greater mental clarity and focus.

IT MAY REDUCE YOUR RISK OF INJURY: Flexible muscles are not as likely to become injured from extended movements.


Why Athletic Trainers Should Be Using WBV With all their Athletes

Are you using WBV with your athletes?

Are you interested in helping your athletes get stronger and faster? What about injury prevention? Faster recovery times? Or proprioceptive integration?

WBV is commonly used with professional athletes for exactly those reasons! The technology isn’t seen as often with university and high school athletes, even though it is simple and easy to use, highly effective and now affordable and athletic trainers in the collegiate and high school arenas may be missing an opportunity.

A Little Background:

Professional athletes have relied on whole body vibration since the 1980s, after it was first popularized in Russia for training its cosmonauts and later its Olympic athletes for excellent results. The science is simple: The rapid vibrations accelerate the physiological effects of exercise, and they do so in a compressed amount of time.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that this type of stimulus is very safe for athletes, doesn’t tear down muscles or joints and can be used very early on even in injured athletes.

Athletes and coaches tend to like it because WBV allows their athlete to get to the same level of training they’re used to but in a much shorter time frame.

WBV in Action:

Whole body vibration should be an integral part of the athlete’s daily workout routine. this technology can be used during warm-up, for strength training, for stretching post-exercise and for injury rehabilitation—in fact, every phase of training.

For example, a football player can warm up on the WBV machine pre-workout, then hit the field to run drills. Back in the training room, the athlete can use WBV to focus on certain body areas for strength training. And after the workout is complete, WBV can then provide an effective cool-down. Injured athletes can also include WBV as part of their rehab for strengthening exercises.

Improving Performance:

One of the most exciting areas for whole body vibration is sports-specific neurologic training. I have athletes ranging from world class fencers to pro golfers who stand on the WBV platform to practice their sports specific moves or swings while the platform is vibrating.

Also referred to as proprioceptive training, the action of simulating a particular movement that the athlete needs to accomplish in his or her sport, while performing it on an unstable surface, activates neurologic feedback mechanisms, making the brain work harder by throwing in the additional challenge of an unstable footing. Then, when an athlete is in competition, replicating that motion on solid ground, their brain finds the activity much easier to do, giving the athlete a bit of a competitive edge that can make a difference.

Adding WBV to Your Facility:

I often get asked about the number of units needed for a team. On average, one unit can serve about 10 athletes when used in all phase of training every day.  So if you work with 40 athletes on your team, plan on purchasing four or five units.

The great news is if you’re interested in incorporating whole body vibration into your athletes’ training, the A3 units at under $2000 are more affordable than ever. Pivotal Health Solutions has lowered the cost of whole body vibration so that more athletic trainers and athletes can take advantage of this effective and efficient tool.

Whole Body Vibration in Practice

Originally Posted by Christian Reichardt, DC, CCSP on Friday, December 26, 2014 in

As a chiropractor, if you’re simply focusing on your next adjustment, you’re missing out on significant market share.

Think about it: As a profession, it’s estimated that we treat only about 8 to 10 percent of the population, despite being the second largest health care provider profession in the country. This equates to 30 million out of 300 million people who see a chiropractor. To me, there is a huge opportunity: We just need to see a higher percentage of the population.

So, how are we going to accomplish that?

At some point, almost everybody in the U.S. goes to see a medical doctor, but not everyone sees a chiropractor. Yet by law, chiropractors are considered primary health care providers, which means we are legally able AND responsible to diagnose any and every disorder. Many chiropractors don’t realize that, and as a result, we are missing out on a huge market of opportunity by limiting ourselves to treating a limited number of conditions and disorders by delivering chiropractic adjustments only.

So does this mean we should advertise that we treat, for example, cancer? No, certainly not. But what it does mean is that if a patient presents with back pain from a spine tumor, we are legally responsible to diagnose that, treat some component of the disorder PLUS refer the patient to other care.

But in other cases, we do have an opportunity to provide additional patient care.

Consider aging-related disorders such as osteoporosis and sarcopenia, a loss of muscle mass that can lead to falls. As chiropractors, we are able to both diagnose and treat these conditions. This helps improve patients’ overall quality of life through chiropractic adjustments, exercise and nutritional supplements.

This is also where the technology of whole body vibration (WBV) plays a part. WBV offers the opportunity for patients to engage in weight-bearing exercise in a very safe and effective manner in a very short time.

For example, in my practice we work with a number of Medicare patients and use WBV as a “warm-up” prior to their chiropractic visit. Once these patients are out of the pain relief phase of care, we have them “join” our office on a membership basis to utilize WBV several times a week as a weight-bearing exercise. The exercise builds muscle mass, improves agility, prevents falls and osteoporosis, and improves their overall function in daily life. We call this phase of care “Stabilization Care,” and patients love it!

From the business perspective, the equipment takes up very little space and also needs no additional staff to operate. Take a look around your office: Is there space that’s not being utilized? That may be an excellent opportunity to open a WBV room or rehab room to attract a larger portion of the market. For very little money (roughly $2,000 to $3,000), it is possible to set up a room and get started with “low-tech” rehab, including WBV, resistance bands and light weights.

As you market WBV to older and baby boomer patients, concentrate on the quality of life message and watch your practice grow! Focus on words such as fall prevention, osteoporosis or flexibility in your advertising and marketing messages and you will attract a new demographic and a whole lot of new patients.

In practice, WBV opens up an opportunity for chiropractors to look beyond back pain and adjustments to a more holistic view, especially as rising health care costs are leading patients to seek more preventive treatments. WBV definitely opens up an avenue for chiropractors to gain increased market share but also deliver better whole-body care to their patients.


Whole Body Vibration for Every Patient in Your Practice

Originally Posted by Christian Reichardt, DC, CCSP on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in

After having been in practice for over 30 years, I have noticed some significant changes in the way patients behave. I think it is no surprise for you to hear that people the more stressed out than ever.

What does that mean for your office? The patient is overwhelmed, rushed, on the phone or texting until the moment they walk into the treatment room. I even had patients answer the phone while getting a treatment, despite a ban on cell phones in our office. It blew me away!

How ready is the body and it's neurological system to receive a chiropractic adjustment? Often their brain/computer is so locked up they hardly notice the impact we are making on their system with the adjustment.

Let me share with you a simple way making a difference.

In my office we have every patient step onto the A3 Whole Body Vibration unit as soon as they step into the office. We have them do some simple balance exercises. We do this because their brain HAS to focus on posture and balance. Theneurologic input of the vibration plate creates what I call a massive "afferent barrage" neurologically and proprioceptively, which inevitably lets the patient forget about everything else. They have to be present and focused in order to not fall over.

Since I have been implementing this little trick, my patients are much more aware during the actual chiropractic treatment because we challenged and stimulated the neurologic pathways that effect change via neuroplasticity! I have noticed that patients take the adjustment better and generally become more involved with their own care again.

This little trick literally takes only 3 to 4 minutes! Without needing a staff member to attend to the patient, it is a extremely cost-effective way getting better results with every patient.

The A3 Whole Body Vibration plates are very affordable, have a small footprint, and consequently are a worthwhile simple investment for any chiropractic office!

I have recently written a book outlining the various reasons for integrating whole body vibration into your practice. Please contact Pivotal Health Solutions to get your free download e-book and read more about this phenomenal therapy.

I am certain you will be intrigued!